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testing the conv. motor


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what about the motor are you testing? Does it turn over? Does it run? If it runs, is it blowing any colored smoke? Let us know and we will give some input.

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I think he's talking about the electric motor that runs the power top on a 1976 Eldorado (see subject line).

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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I think he's talking about the electric motor that runs the power top on a 1976 Eldorado (see subject line).

yea the electric motor that runs the conv. top, all of a sudden it quit on me. not sure if it's the motor itself or just the relay. I can hear the relay click when pressing the switch up or down, does that mean the relay is good and that I might need a new motor...if so how much do they run and where can I get one for a decent price..

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I have had three convertibles but none even had a motor problem. The easiest thing would be to replace the relay, or to take it apart and check the relay contacts for pitted or burnt contacts which can cause an intermittant motor run.. You could put a volt meter on the motor power wires and see if when you push the up or down button you get 12 volts of power... if not suspect the relay... If you do get power, suspect the motor. The motor could have a dead spot on the communicator, worn brushes or a connection problem (bad plug, etc). Invest in a test light or a voltmeter..

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I had the pump go out on my Impala a few years back. Like you I had no idea if it was the pump or the motor or relay.

I sent the unit off to a place in Denevr Co named A1 auto electric service. 303-287-3347.

This was the only place that I could find that would repair it.

For a $150.00 they rebuilt the complete unit. Motor and pump. Works fine so far.

Good luck with it.

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The 71 thru 76 Eldo Conv top motors are a pain but easy.

Take the rear seat out. the motor and relay are bolted to the back wall. there are two cables, similar to a power seat cable attached to each end of the motor. In fact the top motor is similar to a power seat motor. Remove both cables prior to testing the motor and the relay. Often the problem is wear in the plastic gears in the motor gear box.

If the motor runs in both directions well but does not have the balls to move the top the gears are worn out. U.S.A. Parts Suppy has the gear boxes. The cables can get stiff and dry as well.

I have been known to take a pair of cordless drill guns and chuck them up the the square cable ends and by running the drills in opposite directions, manage to raise and lower the top.

It also helps to lube all the hinge points in the scizzor top mechanism, and to have an extra hand to take some of the weight of while raising the top.

Good Luck!

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