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No SES, 100% Oil Life, , tires rotated around, the snow stops and the sun comes out for a day, get the car washed inside and out. The feeling of just cruising with a caddy at 100% feels just so good :)

Its amazing the looks of awe you get when your the only car at a red light not covered in Salt :) Of course I wake up this morning to a measly 1/2 to inches of snow covering the car and roads (so can't really even use the big snow blower), but Delta Sonic [ http://www.deltasoniccarwash.com ] http://www.deltasoniccarwash.com/washbuf.htm gives a 5 day wash guarantee that you can go back and they'll wash it free :) ah bliss. 10 day 1/2 off deal :) Its wash insurance. Didn't have my oil changed their though, they are too much like a quick lube for my taste.

I know we have so many posts like this but I feel its just a great way for a car enthusiast to enjoy their pride and joy :)

The Green's Machines

1998 Deville - high mileage, keeps on going, custom cat-back exhaust

2003 Seville - stock low mileage goodness!

2004 Grand Prix GTP CompG - Smaller supercharger pulley, Ported Exhaust Manifolds, Dyno tune, etc

1998 Firebird Formula - 408 LQ9 Stroker motor swap and all sorts of go fast stuff

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