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Keyless Entry Broke 2000 Caddy STS


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I have a 2000 STS and I recently replaced the rear tail light bulb, fog light bulb, left rear hub (since I got codes for speed sensor), cabin air filter, and engine air filter. My battery was dead at the end of all of the repairs due me turning on lights and off, radio, etc thru my repairs. This is understandable.

My problem is now that my keyless entry does not work right after I jump her and continues not to work. I tried the lock and unlock at the same time to sycn car and remote, no effect. The computer says "NO RKA DATA".

What steps should I take to fix or should I take to dealer?


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Perhaps while you were replacing the rear bulbs you managed to disconnect the RKE module? I would start my search by looking at where the RKE module is in a 2000. Sorry, I don't have a shop manual for that model handy.


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