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94 Deville transmission problem- need advice


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to run a problem I'm having with my caddy past you folks.

'94 Deville (flaky white paint, 186,000)

I've noticed in the mornings (it has been cold here lately, not sure if that is part of the problem or just coincidence) I start up my car and shift into reverse, but it hesitates for about a minute or more, then I hear a thunk of it switching over into reverse and everything is fine after that. During the day, the longer it sits, it may do it a few more times but never as long as that first startup. If I let the car warm up it doesn't happen. My transmission fluid levels are fine, but I'm thinking of having it flushed. Is my baby just getting old? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I would say it is just cold fluid. Is the tranny fluid good and red? If it is burnt or brown color I would have it changed, not flushed. Transmission flushes are bad on this board. Just remove the pan and drain, also change or clean any filters or screens. If it is nice and red I would just let it warm up a little before you start especially in cold weather. Are there any codes set?

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Believe this or not but I have used a product named Trans X by KW for over 35 years.

This stuff has made cars that would not even move get going again. Most for at least another six months some even longer.

All I can say is it has always worked for me but there are two down sides. If it doesn't help you have big problems or when it no longer helps it is time for a rebuild.

It is also good for making power steering system work better.

A fresh filter and fluid and a quart of Trans X may help just as long as there isn't a bunch of parts in the pan.

It's only around ten bucks so what the heck. Can be found at most parts stores.

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