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90 Deville.


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So Just recently came acrossed a amazing deal. I had a 1988 chevy 1500 pick up. And this guy had a 1990 devile along with a 1993 cutlass. Now the cutlass is in amazing condition. So for now that is going to be the ol DD. And the deville needs some work. For suer needs new fuel pump, filter, probably injectors, alogn with new front bumper and passenger fender. Im used to buying parts for my truck so i dont have mabny cadillac parts catologs on hand or anything. So i was wonder were everyone gets there parts at?. And Also does anyone know a good place to get some rims and on a 4 door car what would tint run me?. Rear winsheild, both rear windows all 5% then the front 2 will be mostlikely 25%. Any help would be awsome.


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