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Just got my '92 Cady


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Just got my new Cady. A '92 Cadillac SeVille. I was looking at the Aurora's, but I heard most of them have head gasket problems, and there was no recall for it. So I crossed the Aurora of the list, and started looking at cars similar to it, and found the SeVilles.

Test driving the SeVille was like instant love, it's fast, agile, and a super comfortable ride. Also it's shot full of features that not even the Aurora had. Only thing it doesn't have is the heated mirrors and memory setting seats :( .

Before, I've never been really fond of the Cady's, I thought they where just too plain and expensive. We'll they're still expensive, but i've realized how nice the Cady's really are, and now I'm a Cady fan :D .


IPB Image .

This car is hella fun to drive, lol. It's not like any other car I've drove or owned, those cars were just plain cars, nothing special about them.

Yet, I wanted to get a newer cady with the 4.6, but couldn't find any good ones in my price range.

FYI, I got this cady for 2,7k . (w/ 102k miles)

There's one thing thats bothering me.

It's the cold season here, and each time I start the car (after many hours of not being turned on) it takes like a second to start. Then after driving for a few minutes, when idling, or low speeds (15 under), it kinda rattles and tics. When stepping on the gas after a stop, it doesn't really hesitate, or rumble. Well it does for a second, not really serious.

Would it just need a tune up? (FYI, I do fill it with premium gas). Or could it just be the cold weather? Also, It even does it when the heater is off (If that could be stressing the motor).

Normal coolant temps: 150-205.

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Welcome to Caddyinfo! Looks like a nice Seville.

Your Cadillac has onboard diagnostics, so the first thing to do would be to read the codes and share them here. See http://www.caddyinfo.com/readingcodes.html

Next for any newly acquired used car I recommend that you have the coolent changed, the oil changed, and the other fluids checked for color and consistency (transmission fluid, brake fluid) and changed if needed.

The Aurora's are fine cars, and do not have any inherent engine problems that I know of.

Yes, I agree that luxury cars are more fun to drive than just plain cars.

I hope your new Seville gives many more years of reliable service.


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Wow! What a color and just 2.7 k!


1. Change the coolant (green stuff and add two tubes of Bar's Leaks Golden Seal powder from wal-mart at $1.44 into th eneck of the radiator. It's a MUST for 4.9 engines.

2. Remove air duct and clean the throttle body bores and backsides of the blades with a carb cleaner. Check the two EGR tubes inside of teh throttle body for carbon deposis. Rod them out woth a coat hanger. Disconnect the bnegative battery cable for a minut to reset computer.

3. Your car (unlike Aurora) has on board diagnostics. Turn th eignition ON and pres Warmer and OFF simultaneously for a few secs until you see info on th edriver info center. Write down any trouble codes (say E048) and turn ignition off.

Do not get involved with tune up (plugs, wires, ignition etc.) . Just drive and enjoy your new toy.

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CONGRATS!!! I have a 92 seville and LOVE it. Love the low end torque!!! make sure you clean out your plenum tubes located on the inside of the throttle body...use a small wire. Mine were completely clogged with carbon when I bought mine. Mine also stumbles a little like yours, but nothing to worry about unless it is showing a code. Hope you enjoy!!!

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