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STSi At LeMans


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Video of the up-guned STSi LeMans Pacecar. http://www.vsocial.com/video/?d=12942

IPB Image

Information on the car here:


I firmly take back anything bad I said about STS handling :P

I have to look for it but I have a pamphlet and print outs about this car, it really was one of the stepping stones to the V-Series. It truely is a "cadillac of pacecars".

Popular Mechanics Article:

Back in June, Cadillac announced its return to racing at Le Mans after a 50-year hiatus and unveiled the LMP prototype race car ("Cadillac and LeMans, Together Again"). World-renowned race vehicle builders Riley & Scott are currently developing the actual Cadillac race car powered by Cadillac's Northstar V8.

But that's not all the news: Now Cadillac says an ultrahigh-performance version of its 2000 Seville will be the pace car for the 68th running of the Le Mans 24-hour race.

"This is an excellent opportunity for Cadillac to expose the Seville to a global audience in a highly prestigious setting," says John Smith, GM vice president and Cadillac general manager. "It also provides a tangible link between Cadillac's Northstar-powered customer products and the Northstar-powered prototype race car that will be competing in the race."

Dubbed the STSi, the pace car boasts a 320-hp version of Cadillac's Northstar V8—20 more than the standard STS. The extra performance is achieved through a combination of reduced inlet restriction, lower exhaust back pressure and blueprinting of the ports.

The STSi features additional software modifications to provide peak performance during the varied weather conditions and sustained high speeds encountered during the race. The additional software control systems are being demonstrated on the STSi as part of a production validation program.

To assist the pace car drivers in the dark hours at Le Mans, Cadillac has added high-intensity discharge headlights (equipment slated for the 2001 STS) and adapted its night vision technology for use on the STSi. Currently available exclusively on the 2000 DeVille, night vision is the first automotive industry application of thermal-imaging technology to assist drivers at night. Night vision helps drivers see three to five times beyond the normal range of low-beam lights and significantly reduces the glare associated with oncoming headlights.

The STSi is also equipped with a bolstered driver's seat for added lateral support during high-speed driving and an antiwhiplash head restraint and seat system called Cervigard. Cervigard is designed to ergonomically support the head, neck and spinal curves while preventing excessive head and neck movement through controlled damping of the forces incurred during whiplash.

Adding to the performance look and feel of the STSi are specific 18-in. cast aluminum wheels mated to Goodyear P275/40ZR18 Eagle F1 GS tires, as well as larger-than-standard brakes with oversize rotors, pistons and calipers.

The STSi features a modified version of the European-configured front fascia to improve airflow to the engine and brakes as well as the overall vehicle aerodynamics. Finally, the STSi is dressed in "Argentinium" silver paint.

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