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93 STS Coolant


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I just changed the waterpump on my 93 STS. Any reason I should not use Dexcool this time instead of the green antifreeze? The parts guy at the dealer said to use Dexcool but I'm not sure the parts guy knows what he is talking about sometimes.

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JimD is right. Unless you totally flush and clean out your system to eliminate the silicon-based sealant in the green stuff, the new anti-freeze will need replacing on the two-year schedule, just like the green. Some say it will give better protection anyway. There is a third type, "universal," that uses the OAT technology of the red stuff but is compatable with both; it is green. I would look at that too, and if I used it, do whatever it's manufacturer recommends as a change interval.

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According to our guru, once green always green. The silicone type coolant can not be completely removed from the engine. Flushing the coolant system is not recommended, just drain as thoroughly as you can, and refill with the green type coolant; change it at two year intervals.

Prestone makes a "universal" type coolant (green) that works fine.


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