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Driver side mirror


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96 DeVille. My driver side mirror is filled with a purple fluid that is draining out. It is drying on the inside of the mirror and is now clouded and virtually useless. I would like to fix/replace it.

If replace, I would prefer one without the fluid.

Any thoughts or part numbers on what would be equivalent? It is the same shape as the mirror on my 98 DeVille. That mirror has the yellow color.

I printed the archive piece on mirror replacement but have not studied it enough to make the process clear.

Can I get the mirror off without pulling the inside door panels?

Is there any more information about cleaning my fluid filled mirror and using it?

I have factory shop manual for 98 DeVille.

Thanks for any help you can give. This site has been really, really helpful.


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My 98 has developed a yellow tinted mirror, eventually it will supposedly become impossible to use from getting dark or something.

If you know of any glass shops in the area they can make you a replacement piece to fit over the defective mirror (basically they cut a shape from a mirror and glue it over the old and the results are pretty good).

Don't even ask the dealer what they cost for a replacement, you'll have a heart attack.

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Your mirror is toast...it will need to be replaced as there's no "fixing" it. I replaced my mirror with one I found on eBay. Here's an auction that's currently at $8.99 with shipping that should fit your car - ends tomorrow:


You could take the mirror out of that assembly and save you some money. The dealer wants crazy money for the replacement glass - $170-$180 for an auto dimming/heated mirror (glass only). The mirror above appears to be auto dimming and heated by looking at the plugs and tint. The yellow tint is due to the auto-dimming feature. My replacement was yellower than the original...a little too yellow to me. But being my original turned purple like yours and it was only $8, I couldn't complain. With that mirror, you're getting a back-up motor as well...also not cheap from the dealer.

No need to take the panel off. It will pop off using a screwdriver behind the mirror. I used a curved gasket scraper and some rags to protect the paint when I popped mine off. Before re-installing, use some lithium grease in the round pivot post in the center. I fought forever trying to put my mirror on, till I put a little grease on there and pop, it went right on. I also found it was easier to put the 2 legs on the mirror 1st, then put the legs in the motor. Be careful with those little "legs". Also be careful taking the glass on and off so you don't break the glass...apply even pressure across the glass when pressing it on. I practiced by putting my old one back on first and cracked it. :unsure: If I would have used the grease from the start, I wouldn't have needed to "practice".

Hope this helps!

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