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Sudden RPM drop?


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So I'm hopping on to the express way with my girlfriend in her new bmw. So she slams her car and so I guess now that I'm out of the little jetta and into a real car I would show her whats the deal. So I slam my pedel and were off. Of course I'm pulling away from her and were just cruising on the highway but at about 115 mph maybe 120 mph my RMPs just drop?! There was no sound or anything to that matter? But what would make this happen? I wasnt close to redline and was in 4th? I didn't want to push it anymore? Please give me some insight.



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95's might have the ability to remove it with a chip, can't remember what the deal with OBDI computers were. Check your driver door sticker for what your tires are rated at.

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pre-96 could be mod'd with a chip. (93-95), and there are or were some products available. After OBDII in 96+ you have to load a new calibration to the PCM and I have not seen any available commercially.


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The only chip availible now is from Westers Tune. It's a dual mem-cal and it's pricey. ($395)

The 93-95's have 2 chips (prom's) One for the engine and one for the trans. I have the same problem with the 112 mph limiter, however I can't justify spending $400 to remove it. Of course if you want to pick-up 20 or more HP then maybe it's a good deal.

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So with the chip its going to remove the limiter and give 20+ HP gain? Interesting.

Affirmative on the limiter. I'd be skeptical on the 20 hp gain. I doubt you'd see any real objective performance improvement, save for the limiter being removed.

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