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Brake change on 98 now Anti and Traction are on!

Tampa Caddy

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Just replaced all pads and had to pull the Pass rear caliper and bleed the brakes. Now the Anti lock and Traction lamp is on I went into Diag mode Tcs Dtc shows 1234, 1233 & 1255. I heard you need to reset the codes after brake work but after pressing the off key on each code it will not reset. There are other History codes that will not reset, I assume I'm doing something wrong.

One Question could the ware sensor on the pads be installed wrong?

Any help would be "well helpfull" on how to clear these codes before my wife kills me for braking her Caddy! :unsure:

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C1233 Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted

C1234 Left Rear Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted

C1255 EBCM Internal Malfunction

It looks like the wheel speed sensors are unplugged on the right front and left rear. The wheel speed sensors are on the center of the hub on the inside. It's common to knock a couple of these loose when doing brake work.

You can clear the codes by disconnecting the negative cable of the battery for about 30 seconds. You will see a P0603 or some such that complains that the codes were reset, but it won't disable anything and will go away with time.

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I like your forum name, creative :)

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