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Found a great old car story

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I went to an estate auction this week end and they had a 1955 Ford Fairlane, 4-door, V8 with 46,000 original miles. The story is that this person wife's dad had bought the car locally new in 1955. He left it to his daughter who was the current owner. It had been in garage storage since 1974. It was in its untouched original condition down to the local dealers license plate frames. It was in great shape, the interior was covered in that clear plastic, the carpet had been covered with cardboard to protect it, and the tires were the wide original type whitewalls. It was a 2 tone white and baby blue. The car was dirty from the garage sitting but you could have really made her look good with nothing more than a good detailing job. It was a truly diamond in the rough that you do not find very much anymore. It sold for $8000 which I thought was a good price considering a good detailing job and a little TLC to get it running again and it could sell for double or triple that. You just do not find cars that old in that good of shape very often anymore! Anyone with anymore old car discovery stories?

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