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P1571 & P1689 OBD-11 Codes


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Anyone out here know what these codes mean, I recently have aporblem with my driver side abs pushing back at me on light braking. I ran a diagnostic and got these two codes.

1. P1571 traction control system PWM circuit no frequency

2. P1689 traction control delivered torque output circuit.

I would appreciate to find out what they mean and hw to rectify.



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Here's what I have:

P1571 Traction Control Torque Request Circuit

P1689 Delivered Torque Circuit Fault

It looks like one or both wheel speed sensors is disconnected. I believe that these connectors are on the center of the hub on the suspension side of all four wheels. I would also check the connectors and wiring on the rest of the traction control system, particularly to the module (under the Maxifuse block behind the air cleaner).

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