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Fireplug takes Florida!!!

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Allow me to introduce "Fireplug", a small dalmation puppy... and before anyone calls the ASPCA, he's a stuffed toy dog.

It's a long story, and if anyone is interested, I'll post it, but suffice it to say, he sometimes goes along on some of my excellent adventures....

A couple weeks ago, Fireplug and I jumped in the Caddy and drove from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, down to Florida, to see my Dad....


The best way to get thru Kentucky is under the cover of darkness.....


Dawn in Northern Georgia... the Cadillac outside temp guage is telling me good news here, and I have the sun shining on my fuzzy face.... can't wait to get there!!!


Crossed the border into Florida!!! Supervising a little gassing up of the Eldorado... still a ways to go, but man, what a nice day!!!


We're hereeee!! Sun's so hot, maybe I'll sit in the shade of this palm tree for a second.... It's midafternoon now, in Punta Gorda, north of Fort Myers a little... wait a second Patrick, this hood isn't exactly cool either, little help here....


Nice place, dude... pool, and a golf course in the backyard... heh heh heh... told ya to keep putting money in that 401k!!!


Took a ride up to Port Charlotte Harley Davidson.... nice place.


Why did we ever come home???? It's freezing and snowy out here!?!??!


Oh well, I guess the comforts of home are pretty nice..... I'm a lucky dog!!

I have lots more, if anyone is interested....

And if you feel this is a waste of bandwidth, I humbly apologize, and promise it won't happen again....

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Your Fireplug is lucky to get to Florida now and then.

Meet Barney; he visits the places where Air Force One goes.



Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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