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99 sts window regulator

MIke D

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I purchased a 99 sts off ebay last month. It was a really good buy even with a few problems. One of them is the passenger side, Front door, window regulator is shot. I have not looked at it yet (my dad pulled the door pannel off) But he said it has some kind of cable or ribbon that actuates the movement and it is shot. Has anyone had this problem? Any way to rebuild it? Should I just replace it?

Any info you have would be great. Thanks in advance.

Mike D

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i've had the cable come off the mechanism 2 or 3 times on my rear door.

providing that the cable has not snapped you can refit it but it is a tricky job.

i honestly couldn't describe to you how to refit the cable, it's something that i just got on and did.

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Just replace it with one from a junkyard. It is very easy to do. You can just about figure out how to do it by looking at it. It is the easiest regulator you will ever replace. There are two clamps that hold the window in place. Just mark around the clamps so the window goes back in the same place. Thirty minute DIY job. Getting the panel off and on is the hardest part.

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