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calif phil

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I traded my wifes 2000 Eldorado for a 2004 CTS. She loved the Eldo and it gave us 137000 trouble free miles. The CTS is dark blue with tan int. It has the 3.6vvt motor and the luxury package. I think it has all the options except for the navigation and Bose. So far we really like the car. I have only put 200 miles on it because the wife drives it every chance she gets She likes the way it drives and the fact that it is smaller than than the Eldorado she thinks it is easier to drive.

I had the windows tinted on friday and bought some stainless steel exhaust tips from my local Cadillac dealer. Both of those really made a big difference in the looks. I am going to make an appoinmnet to get a recall for the air bags done this week. The car is a one owner off lease vehicle and still under warranty for 5000 more miles. So far we really like it. I especially like the built in XM radio. I will try and see if I can post a picture. Nope I dont have a picture.


p.s. Because of this board I picked the 2004 and 3.6L Thanks for the great advise.

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Sounds like a great choice. I really enjoyed my 04, and the 04-07 are very similar. Get some pics up when you can. Yes, XM radio is one of my Wife's favorite features in the CTS; I suspect we will not buy another car without satellite radio of some sort.

It is good to consider if you want to get an extended warranty before the bumper to bumper runs out.

As with any used car, I would change the fluids, and ask the Cadillac dealer while it is there to give it a complete checkup.


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