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Steal my STS if you'd like to,

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$2250 cash I have to get rid of it,

Needs three fuel injectors or you can have them all serviced for $200

Also I never did put the a/c accumulator in

117,000 miles

Runs and drives as is but needs those injectors..

the fuel pump is alright, pressure bursts and holds to specified range.


I've never had it over 110 but it is 150MPH capable if you buy z-rated tires.

With them injectors done you ought to get four for it,

We have 20 maybe 30 bills to pay every month for now so I won't be able to do the injectors

(The main thing right now, is, my grandmother went out and got a huge loan at 27% and the payment is just huge, it is just unbelievable, I'm working on consolidating things but our DTI is way up there now... )

(The $2250 I can double that buying and selling DVDs any way,

So it doesn't matter if I lose some money on the car itself)

I paid $4000 and have done alot of nice things to it.

Fuel filter, oil change with mobil / delco, air filter, oem plugs and wires, fpr, coolant flush

It stops on a dime too

It is the kind of car you can see flying down the highway after dark,

Just flying B)


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Be a Capitalist or work for one.

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Work for a Capitalist or be one.


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