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low ac pressure


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Do not add "stop leak" or any other snake oil to your air conditioning system. Have a competent A/C shop add dye and/or use an electronic leak detector to identify the source of the leak. Have the leak repaired and add the correct charge of pure R-134a and your system will be as good as new.

Snake oil treatments are rarely effective over the long haul and they will contaminate someone's recovery machine when/if furture repairs are needed.

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A couple of years ago I had the ac recharged due to a slow leak. They wouldn't add "stop leak". Now the ac has stopped again. How do I get the compressor to work so I can add the stop leak and refrigerant?

Much thanx. <_<<_<

You must enter the onboard diagnostics and clear the DTCs to enable the compressor so as to be able to add refrigerant, but follow Kevins advice and DO NOT add any snake oil. The shop you last took it to obviously knows what they are doing and did you a favor.

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