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I have a friend who has a the SRX who previously had the Lexus RX.She says she can't wait to get rid of the Caddy and get something else.It's a little too big for her,and has a terrible blind spot.

My question is though:I heard that GM is getting rid of the SRX because of poor sales.

Is this true? :o


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I just checked the Cadillac web site and the 2007 models have quite a spread there. One photo includes a view of the driver's seat and outside view, and I don't see any issue with a blind spot anywhere in the forward direction. I could go for the Nothstar version myself. A Cadillac station wagon with 320 hp VVT Northstar and 5-speed auto/manual!

I don't have sales figures or inside information by any stretch of the imagination, but I can't see Cadillac abandoning a major market segment. I would be surprised if the SRX was not selling well.

Rumors in the car business are often BS. Examples:

  • In the 1980's there was a persistent rumor that Pontiac was doing poorly and GM was planning to fold up the marque. After a few months, everyone believed it and Pontiac sales started to suffer. GM put full-page ads in big newspapers across the country, stating in part that Pontiac outsold all imports combined. The rumor went poof.
  • There has been a rumor since the 1960's that American cars are junk at 80,000 miles and none of the accessories work that long; you have to get a Japanese car to drive it over 50,000 miles or longer than 5 years. I think that most people still believe it.
  • There has been a rumor since the 1960's that American cars are built with much poorer quality and materials than Japanese cars and are less reliable. JD Powers new-car owner surveys are sometimes cited. When I got mine, I told about a loose windshield moulding, a bad air conditioning vent, and a water leak in the driver's window (the Eldorado is a hardtop). The dealer fixed all of these things at the first oil change for free, but my car went in the survey as having more than the average number of "problems." If you want quality reports, look at Consumer Reports or other publication that looks at long-term owner experiences. And, American cars as a whole have always been less likely to need a tow during the first year than any of the imports.
You can hear a lot of these rumors from salesmen in the showrooms of most imports. Right now, GM, Ford, and Chrysler are having trouble because of their past committment to trucks and SUVs which have taken a big hit in the last year with the gas price jumps, but Cadillac is doing quite well, thank you very much, Escalade and all. So, the negative hype is more toward Cadillac than usual.

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I did see one rumor that Cadillac plans to replace the SRX with a wagon based on the CTS. This of course was confusing, as the SRX and CTS are both made off the same Sigma platform. Perhaps 'they' meant a smaller crossover based on the CTS, but Cadillac has not announced anything that I have heard on SRX plans.


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In one of the past sales reports posted by Bruce it appeared sales are actually picking up and the auto magazines love the SRX.

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