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How often should air filter be changed on 06 DTS


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I would say that unless you are riding on dirt roads all the time, 50,000 according to the manual is ok... That said, I occasionally pull mine out and hold it up to the sun, if I can't see the light through it, I replace it. Mike

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I sort of agree with mike & larry

You can get away with just blowing them off or vacuum the dirt I just replace them they are cheap enough to pitch them every yr or so. The last one I changed was about a yr ago on the 01 dts So when I need to get an item from the auto parts I will pick on up & throw it in can't hurt it's probably a waste of money but it gives me piece of mind On the devilles it an easy job to change the air filter on some other cadillacs it a little harder the newer sevilles are tougher to do than a deville


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I'm very picky about my car's tune so I replace it with a Delco OEM every time I see it. That isn't often, though -- only about once every couple of years. I've never let it go the full 50,000 miles, and I've never seen it perceptably dirty.

I would add one thing -- if you drive in blowing snow or fine water spray for whatever reason, water can decrease the flow of the air cleaner element without visible change. If you can remember such a driving condition and you notice a change in fuel economy or performance that doesn't have another explanation, or if you get a fuel trim system lean code, I would change the air cleaner element and see if that clears it up.

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