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A/C system charge, PAG oil overfill?


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Simple question - is it possible to have added too much oil to the a/c system when I charged it with a do-it-yourself can of refrigerant I bought at wal-mart?

The a/c is working, but I have this gut feeling I have overcharged the system, and perhaps it has too much oil in it. If I were to have my mechanic do a full evac and recharge, would this remove my excess oil and put things back into harmonic balance? Right now the a/c is cold, but still not quite as cold as I remember it in the past. Maybe I'm just being picky... :unsure:

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Did the Walmart refrigerant contain PAG oil? Too much oil will affect the cooling performance of the system. The only way to remove it from the system is to flush the lines and components.

You may have overcharged the system with refrigerant - that will also affect cooling performance.

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