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Cleaned the battery terminals


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I was under the hood last week, and made the slick move of dropping a wrench down the fender, where it came to rest wedged between the body and battery. I drove around for a week like that, and finally got tired of the "thump-clang!" each time I took a hard stop or a turn.

Feeling overly ambitious (BORED!) today, I figured I'd remove the battery to get the wrench out, and while I had it out, clean up the terminals, tray, and battery posts (or whatever they're called on the "bolt style" batteries we have!)

My battery was replaced a year ago with a new diehard gold. The terminals and cables looked new from the outside, but once I removed them, it was incredible how crusty they were on the side that touches the battery. I took a wire brush to them, and also did a good job cleaning up the battery contacts. Put the battery back, and I can't believe the difference!

She starts up much faster, and now stays at the 14.0-14.5 volt range, which is a full volt higher than before my terminal cleaning. No more lights dimming when the brakes are on, and I bet my alternator is much happier. For the 10 minutes it took, I'd highly recommend everybody to clean up their battery terminals before the winter, even if they look clean from the outside. Just a quick job that makes our already maxed-out electrical systems a little more at ease.

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Absolutely, and great advice. I did this just a few weeks ago myself.

It's amazing how much acid escapes from these batteries that you never know about, or never realize (which forms the "crust").

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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Caddy's have a LOT of ground points.. thus, a LOT of places to create problems... keep your battery posts clean as well as the MAIN ground on the block.. any time you are working near a ground connection, i'd clean it...

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