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Code C1251


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Okay, I am very occasionally getting a "Stability Reduced" message on the dash... like it happens once every ten days, maybe....

I checked my codes, and the only one that seems related is

C1251 History

I have no current codes.

Last time I saw the message "Stability Reduced", I got the codes at the next red light, and it was still a history code....

The link says "RSS Indicated Malfunction", and someplace else I see that RSS means Road Sensing Suspension.

I don't sense the car riding or driving any different... I just get a ding!, and a Stability Reduced message.....

Any idea whats going on here???

Thanks in advance.

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Are there any other codes? Apparently the body module has found something, and that invokes the C1251 code. I'm looking for code in the C17xx range or perhaps another code that will tell us just what it found.

If it won't hold a current code, then you have an occasional intermittent problem. For now it probably won't affect anything but it's a warning that a problem will likely disable Stabilitrak and limit you to 90 mph soon (oh, noooo!). It may well be just a loose connector somewhere. I would check the wheel speed sensors for damage (they are on the hub centerline on the rear wheels) and loose connectors. The height sensors are above each wheel with a link to the upper control arm; check them and their connectors, too.

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