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Code P056


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I recently (last weekend) changed tranny fluid and filters on my 94 Eldo. For over a year I had daily been getting the P056 tranny speed sensor code. Usually after the car warmed up. I really never noticed any hard shifting except first thing in the morning, if the service engine soon light was on, when I put it into reverse to back out of the garage. Then the light would usually go away until the motor warmed up. I could always tell when the code was current because I checked many times when the servive engine soon light came on and that was the only code showing.

The first day after the fluid change the was no service engine soon light. Hmmmm..The second day the light flickered on and off a few times. Checked codes and it was P056. Checked trans fluid level when I got home and it was just into the hot zone level. Added a pint or so of fluid. Haven't seen the light since. I drive around 200 miles a day so everything should be settled in.

I don't know why this code has disappeared, but I know alot of you members have it. Is it possible that fluid level could affect it? I added another pint to get the level to the middle of the hot zone on the level indicator stick. Just passing along some information. I used Vavoline High Milage tranny fluid. Hope I haven't jinxed myself with that code.


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Sounds like it might be a connector problem. The mechanic may have pushed a cable onto a connector as part of the buttoning-up process. I would look under the car myself and look for loose cables, exposed connectors, etc.

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