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Know of 1993 Pearl White Eldorado, Overheating...

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I noticed a very nice pearl white Eldorado in the area where I have my car serviced. It had been there too long, and I asked about it. I was told that it has overheating problems and about 170,000 miles on it. The owner is trying to decide what to do with the car, and the scrapyard is a candidate. I've glanced through it and it seems very clean inside and the finish is very good. We all know how striking a Pearl White Eldorado can be. I called and asked what year the car is, and was told 1993. It does not have the ETC insignia on the back.

If anyone is interested in this car, let me know and I'll talk to the service guy and he'll talk to the owner. If the owner is interested in pursuing it, I'll get the VIN number and take some pictures, etc. and we'll see where it goes. My involvement will end when I put an interested party in touch with the owner.

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