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How do I change the front brakes on my 92 sts


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Its pretty simple once you take a good look at it. you will have to jack it up and remove the wheel . look on the back side of the rotor and caliper. you will see two bolts that hold the caliper to its bracket. remove those two bolts and pry the caliper up out of the bracket with a flat screw driver or pry bar . then slide the pads out. next remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir because the fluid will rise as you push the pistons back into the caliper. now get a large C clamp, C clamp vice grips, or even a large pair of channellocks, and push the piston all the way until it stops back into the caliper. if you need to replace the rotors then you will have to remove the caliper bracket also(two more bolts), and slide the rotor off of the studs(you may need to whack it a couple times with a mallet to get it to come loose), and the reverse to reinstall it with the new rotor. slide the new pads back into the caliper bracket, and the compressed caliper back over the new pads, and reinstall the bolts that hold the caliper to the caliper bracket. that's it you should also lube the slides that the caliper slides back and forth on, they will have a very small packet of the recommended lube at the counter at your local auto parts retailer.

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I used to own a 93 sts and did do the brakes on it, but it has been about four years since I did. it should be pretty accurate most disc brakes are very similar so for the most part if you have done one you can do MOST. There are small variations from car to car, but very minor variations and the main process is the same.

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One thing to add is the instructions that CRawdon posted are for the front disc brakes. Rear disc brakes need the piston screwed in with a brake cube in order to compress them due to the emergency brake design. They will not be able to be compressed with a c-clamp.

Once the piston is screwed in, the air must be worked out of the boot so it sits flat. The notched in the piston need to be a right angle to a line between the mounting bolts.

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