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Texas Jim

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This is probably a stupid question.

I have a '06 DTS Performance Edition with "H" rated tires. What speed is it limited to?

I have ran it up to almost 130 a couple of times, but ran out of room to see where it kicked in at.

It does that SO EASY........ :D

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I have Z rated tires on my 1997 Eldorado Touring Coupe and I don't feel any strong urge to have the governor taken off. If I ever take that car to Germany or some other improbable circumstande, I will have it done.

From posts here, they way that the dealer does that is to reprogram the PCM using the VIN of another car that comes with Z rated tires. I'm not sure that I like that. I thought that they just reset a flag or some such.

I've had mine up to 125 and it was right in the power band for 4th gear and felt really strong. It wanted to go. I do point out that the FSM says that the governor works by shutting down the fuel injectors. I'm not sure I want that invoked on my engine, although I'm sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

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My '94 Deville Concours runs OK in the mid to high 120's for any number of miles, so I would guess its limited to 130. However, I fond it disconcerting to run that hard though for 20-30 rail-straight miles at a stretch - alongside ranch fencing, trees, poles, etc on narrow 2-lane roads. The term "tunnel vision" becomes quite relevant. You tend to worry too much about being focusing tightly - yet become bored, distracted after while and drift out of a tight line. Kinda like hynotizing that ole chicken with a line on the floor... :blink:

Regarding the fuel limiter. My 99 GMC would get hit hard at around 97 and loose several mph only to creep back up. When we had a hard run of about 2-hours flat out, it took a bit to stay just under the limiter (I forgot to try the cruise control at 96...). By comparison, my 2006 Chevy company pickup with a couple hundred miles on it - is undetectable engaging its limiter at 97.


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