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I will probably be selling my 1994 base model Eldorado in the next few weeks. It's polo green with a beige interior, 158,000 miles, Northstar engine, located in Southern California. It looks very similar to Davedog's old Eldorado if you remember the photos in his posts. It is presently drivable but I need a car I can depend on. It looks and drives great and has been well taken care of for at least the past three or four years. It has one major problem, a cracked block (see Cracked Block? thread in the Cadillac Discussion Forum). It is basically a nice car (I hate to part with it) but I have way too much going on in my life to get involved in an engine replacement project at this time.

If anybody is interested in taking it on as a project car, I can be very flexible on the price. I will be happy to give a detailed description and endless photographs to anyone who is seriously interested. I would like to see someone swap out the engine and enjoy the car.

If you are interested, the easiest way to contact me is to visit my website:


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the red "Contact Christopher Darwin" link.


Happiness is owning a Cadillac with no codes.

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