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A question about the A/C


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I've noticed that when I give the car alot of gas the ac seems to go warmer and stop blowing as hard. Otherwise it is blowing 38-40 degrees when I temp the vents. Also the car cools down much quicker when its moving but when stopped it takes alot longer to get the interior cool. Is this by design or is something wrong? Also on another note. DOes anyone know if its hard to change out front speakers on a 96 Deville? One of mine is blown.

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The A/C compressor will disengage when the PCM senses wide open throttle, from the throttle position sensor. If your TPS is sending a WOT signal to the PCM, the A/C will cut out, but only until you back out of the throttle. I think on all vehicles, the A/C will perform better when the vehicle is in motion. And some may be more sensitive to it than others. Our Grand Caravan has, bar none, the best A/C system I've ever experienced. It doesn't matter the vehicle speed or the temperature outside. It can be over 100 outside and we can be stopped in traffic, but I still never even have to put it in recirculate mode. That A/C is just ALWAYS cold. The Cadillac, a little less so. After a LONG hot soak, like all day at work, it'll take longer for the car to get cool if I'm in traffic vs. moving.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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