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Eldorado/Seville/Allante Coolant Capacity

Ed Hall

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I finished installing the new radiator on my 1993 Allante. Everything went very smoothly and it wasn't too bad of a job. I'm ready to fill her up with coolant but I would like to know what the coolant capacity is on this car. The capacity should be the same as an Eldorado or Seville with the Northstar engine.

I buy the unmixed antifreeze so to get 50% ratio, I divide the coolant capacity by half and add that amount of antifreeze.

Thanks for your help

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According to the 94 GM Service Manual (page 6B2-8) the "full factory fill capacity of the system [Northstar] is 11.8L of 50/50 mixture of coolant." This is equal to 3.12 gallons.

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The 1995 manual also states 11.8L (12.5qts).

Now if someone with a '93 manual would only chime in . . . . :P



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The coolant capacity is 12.3 qt. After a complete drain, approximately 1.15 qt. will remain in the engine.

After draining:

. Add two tubes of Bars Leak Gold to the lower radiator hose.

. Refill with the green coolant only.

. The best way to refill, is to premix the coolant to a 50/50 ratio.


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Thanks for looking this up. The capacity is lower than I thought.

Capacity = 3.125 gal

What's remaining in the engine is pure water. I bought 2 gallons of antifreeze. 2/3.125=64%. If I add 2 gallons of antifreeze, it'll be 64% concentration. Is this too high?

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