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Just got my first Cadillac


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Just got my first. I absolutely love it. I cant believe i have never owned a Cadillac b4. It is a 2006 SRX black on black AWD V6. I needed a car urgently, and this was on the lot. It had the things I required, but not some of things I wanted. I was wondering if anyone had some xperience with some lighter upgrades. Mesh grill, HID headlights, wheels, exhaust. I dont want to spend too much, or take on anything I can't do myself (I have decent mechanical skills). Can my fellow Cadillac owners or enthusiasts lend a hand? Look forward to participating and learning. Thanks.

JC from B'klyn

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Welcome. Nice choice for a new car. Glad you found caddyinfo.com.

Exhaust: Corsa Cat-back:


CAI: Volant or K&N aircharger; having had both, the Volant is more of a true CAI system, although both dyno well on the 3.6L.

Wheels: check ebay for optional factory wheels, especially cardio-doc deals. http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...nce=-1&rd=1

For the CTS, the CTS-V mesh grill is a direct replacement. Not sure on the SRX, but I assume not.

HID headlights I would check ebay also for parted out car parts, but check gmotors.com and gmpartsdirect.com to make sure you know the part numbers are on. Also, consider you will need the lux or lux sport suspension with HID headlights, as they have the self-levelling rear nivomat shocks needed to keep the HID's aimed flat. Again, not sure which suspension you got, or if the base AWD suspension has self-levelling rear shocks or no.


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cool! Another SRX on this board! Welcome! Are we the only two? :lol:

I've had my SRX since Jan and LOVE it! Haven't gotten brave enough to do any mods yet but I'm sure they will come. I'm hoping they will make the new 2007 sport grill available for our SRX, I'm sure I'll have to have one of those or some other grill upgrade. Keep me posted on what you do and be sure to post some pics of your new ride here!

I've started putting together a site about my SRX and SRXs in general, you can check it out here if ya want: http://home.comcast.net/~davedogcaddy/cadillac_SRX/index.htm

-dave B)

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Thanks. Very helpful stuff. The AWD susension is self levelling in the rear. so it looks like it should be an easy transition there. I am on a search for goodies to dress the car up. Haven't had much luck thus far though. I appreaciate the help and will let you know more soon.

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I've seen alot of SRX on the road but haven't seen many of the V8 models. From what I've read in the magazines the V8's can really book it.

Great choice on the new vehicle. With the right care it will last you many many miles.

The local auto parts store near you is a great place to browse for head light upgrades and all sorts of goodies.

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I checked the SRX out at Cadillac.com—Very nice looking automobile. I like the tan interior with leather and a touch of wood. I don't like too much plastic and vinyl. I'm sure the black interior with wood also looks sharp. I think wood gives the interior a nice look and exudes quality. Looks like a nice family SUV/car combination.

Here is something you might be interested in: Cadillac SRX Gold emblem packages.

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I converted my headlights to HID in stages. First was a conversion 9006 kit useing the halogen housings. It was better, but not as good as when I got the OEM HID housings and bulbs. I got lucky,(thanks Logan) and got the housings reasonable $.

If your going to do a kit be aware that it's not just "plug&play" if you want to keep your high beams.

Let me know if you need more info.

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Thanks everyone for the information. The corsa was a dealer accessory, but its acoustically tuned to the V8. It seems the K&N and Volant inductions are made for the V8. I asked both K&N and Volant about the 3.6L application for the cts and sts and if i can use it on my engine. I was told by K&N they wouldn't suggest its use as each is specifically designed for the vehicles listed. Volant hasn't even repsonded. My search continues. Thanks again everyone. As I make my car as bad as i can i will keep you all posted.

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If you want to upgrade your lights.

I would highly suggest CATZ light bulbs.

Trust me, ask anyone on here, I have tried them all!

The absolute best out there are CATZ.

Not only are the bulbs bright, bright, but you can also get the catz zeta system as well. The zeta system will increase the bulbs light up to 270%!!!

I got a great guy to get them from, he is in Ohio, and his name is Jeff.

He has always treated me great, and is really fair on his prices.

Here is his email, and just tell him "Jay" from Canada sent you, and he will take really good care of you.

E-mail Address(es):


I promise, if you want the top of the line lights, you will not be dissapointed!

Big Jay ;)

Life is too short to grow up!

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Thanks for the plug, Bruce

I've got both the E & G Classics mesh grill as well as a sharp-looking polished grill - but brand-new, in-stock and priced great. See the link Bruce provided or e-mail me direct at docardio@lycos.com



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