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Cars I "use to own" thread (Post yours!)

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That was a long time ago. Your XLR-V has digital fuel injection with by-the-cylinder mixture control and integrated engine/transmission control, the distributor is a figment of the imagination of a computer that gets its ideas from two crank sensors and one cam sensor, VVT 32-valve all-aluminum, and much, much more that was not even imagined when the 426 was designed.

Incidentally, one of the reasons that the 426 and other high-deck big-block MOPARS aren't see much anymore, is that in OEM trim with the ram intakes and such, they weighted 950 pounds. A Northstar engine weighs about 350 pounds dry, with flywheel and damper but no intake. The 426 was cast for Chrysler by Mercury Marine, whose experience in extra cooling and low volume production for their outdrive series engines was important. I believe that the aluminum 32-valve DOHC Corvette ZR-1 engine was also manufactured for GM by Mercury Marine. But there was no aluminum in the original 426.

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