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A Gift to you all

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Since I had off from work this morning and found myself with some free time (but not enought free time to work on the seat of my deville) I decided to create something simple, something quick, that can be used in a variety of forums to help advertise for this wonderful resource of a web site.

Enjoy :)

Old Badge:

IPB Image

New Badge:

IPB Image

[to moderator I put this here since I know its one of the higher volume areas]

The Green's Machines

1998 Deville - high mileage, keeps on going, custom cat-back exhaust

2003 Seville - stock low mileage goodness!

2004 Grand Prix GTP CompG - Smaller supercharger pulley, Ported Exhaust Manifolds, Dyno tune, etc

1998 Firebird Formula - 408 LQ9 Stroker motor swap and all sorts of go fast stuff

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