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93 El Dorado Fuse's


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Ok My friend who will be living with me shipped over his 1993 El Dorado, He does not have the owners manual. The light in the front of the interior seem to stay on for some odd reason. I was wondering if any one can scan the page of their owners manual so i can know what each fuse does? Please help me because this kills the battery and i need to move the car soon. Thank you in advance. o please email me at sleepy61904@yahoo.com :ph34r:

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Fuses, I think, are not your problem; you would be absent lights if a fuse were open.

I'd look at the door-jam switches to see if one was "loose."



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It sounds like one of the map lights is on. I wouldn't pull the fuse until I gave it a shot to find it. You might just call your friend and ask him. Or, you can check the standard interior lights when the headlight switch is rotated for full dash light brightness, then a click more, so see if that is it. There is a map light switch on some later models that is a push-on, push-off right on the light itself. Check the owners' manual for how to turn the map lights on and off on that model.

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