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Split in armrest....repair?

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There is a split in the LH armrest and I'm wondering how to repair it? I used to see those commercials for vinyl repair kits, but I've not tried one. Any suggestions?

GM Reman 4.1 engine Dec '08

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I've been through this a coupla times, and I think the best way is to find a good door panel in a junkyard, or if the armrest is separate, then, an armrest, and install it. They're around - may take some searching if you're not near a city.

Buy the tool to pull out the little nylon things that connect the panel to the door - and buy new nylon things too, so when it goes back in, its tight.

If you use a screwdriver or a putty knife to pry the panel loose, you can wreck the door panel backing.

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