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99 seville sts heated seats


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Has anyone attempted to have the heated seat on a 99 seville (or similar model)? I know they are really bad for not working, and so far ive had two where the element on the drivers seat didnt work.

I was just wondering whats involved with getting it fixed? can you buy those heated pads, and take it to maybe an uphulostry place and have them put in?

I'm not sure if the seats will come apart easy enough or whatever to do it? If anyone has attempted it, please let me know.


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I had my passenger side replaced under warranty and the mechanic that did it told me that there are 2 bolts on the back side that get removed and the seat cushion is in your hands. Then it is just a matter of removing the leather and replacing the heating element. It did not take very long as I waited for the car. That said, he had done this before. If you are not going to do it yourself, or have the dealer do it, I am sure an upholstery shop could do it easily.

Someone here did it not too long ago and posted a "How To" with pictures. Do a search for it.

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