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Poly bushings for subframe?


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Looking to stiffen up the suspension, anyone get poly bushings for the subframe or engine mounts? Just curious if anyone has any info or advice on this. My car has 80k on it, probably about time for some anyway.


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You might look at Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires. They are hard as a rock and give my 1997 ETC the flat cornering and Reebok agility I have always wanted from it. You can't get what you want without the right tires, and you might as well start there before you go to the wrench. You might find that you get what you want without going farther.

The Goodyear Eagle RS-A's that came on the car were excellent. I've been disappointed with everything else until I got the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires.

I found these tires using the wizard on the website of The Tire Rack. I asked for the best handling tires that didn't need to be taken off when it snowed.

My car has 117,000 miles on it and has never had body or suspension work at all, not even a brake job. You don't need body mounts or suspension bushings at 80,000 miles unless you have been driving on chronically washboard roads in Alaska for a significant part of your overall mileage.

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It's already sitting on 245/40/ZR18 Nexen tires. They're darn stiff, and handle exceptionally. The reason I ask is the previous owner obviously had a front end collision with it, and I guess the bushings weren't put in correctly or something. I guess next I'll try to tighten the frame bolts, see if that helps.

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Being the cradle has been bumped. There is a good chance it is not aligned correctly.

There are some pilot holes at the rear of the cradle between the 2 mounts. The pilot hole should line up with the pilot hole in the body. You use a rather large drift to check this.

The factory cradle mounts are insteresting. They seem to loose any ability to retain the cradle after x amount of miles. Often you can move the cradle rubber mounts simply with your finger. Wow....

Once you figure out....that everything is mounted to the cradle....engine trans, suspension, steering. Hmmmm...

I have not seen any poly mounts available.

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Yes! I have noticed that the few bushing I was looking at were soft enough to move significantly with just my finger. I will look at the pilot holes, when lined up with the drift, should the tool be perpendicular to the flat part of the subframe around the hole? The passenger side front does have obvious evidence that it has met some concrete, it's bent/dented to all hell and that front mount is bent as well. I'll have to check it again to see if it's even holing that side in. Would you or anyone else happen to know how much a new/used subframe is if mine is not square or at least within tolerancce?

If I can, I want to get new poly bushings, probably have to use the old ones for dimensions and see if somebody makes something close enough to use or have them make some I guess.

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Yes...the factory mounts are silly. Once you figure all the stuff directly linked..

Anyway, here is a pic of the cradle holes..

No polys...but there is a way...too snug them up..

See detail #1. Should be lined up. Up/Down. Mine was easily 1+ inch off location.


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No, you cant snug them. The way they are designed, they can only be tighten so far and thats it.

2 ways to snug them up. On mine I did 2 different things...

Up front I used some J car strut plates I had as spare parts. They had a shallower 'dish' so they could be tightened further.

On the rear, I left the rear forward mount alone. But dismantled the far rear mount and cut about a 1/2 inch off the 'stem' of the mount.

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