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It is most likely a low refrigerant charge - dual zone systems will cool poorly on one side when they are low on refrigerant but not low enough to set the trouble code and disable the compressor. It could also be a stuck driver's side actuator. The easiest thing to do is to hook up some refrigerant gages to the high and low pressure ports and observe the pressure readings. If the pressure readings are below the specification, then it is safe to add some refrigerant.

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It is low on freon. I found this out the hard way on a 2001. After checking AC acuator doors etc.....found this service manual statement:

"Is drivers side warmer then passenger side? If so, system is low on freon but not low enough to set codes. Also the AC gauge readings will be in normal range."

Add a can of freon.

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My '97 Deville did that frequently in the A/C mode. While I never checked the pressures with a set of guages (didn't have any at the time), I could always cure the problem by running the temp up to 90 then back down to 70, so I assumed it was a sticky actuator.

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