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Update on my... "Cadillac Situation" :)

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Well I made a deal on the building so I will have some money for a Cadillac as soon as the title work is in,

I called the gentleman who owns the STS I was talking about and asked if I could put something down and pick it up early next week.. What I told him was that I wanted to have the AC compressor looked at since he says it needs charging,

Well he says he doesn't want to hold it for me if that is the case.. red flag, yes - a big fat one. (Him not wanting me to have it looked over)

When the money comes in I will go and see if he still has it and if so I will buy in provided that I am allowed to have it thoroughly inspected and run it on carfax.

There was also a Deville I was looking at but the joker is out of his Kansan Mind there. $6500 for a 1998 base devvy and it's over miles :lol:


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