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It was fun to get together with Ranger and MTflight when Ranger swept through town with his new DHS. I was interested to hear what questions Ranger and Mtflight had for me. I will try to catch a few of them here, since they may be of interest to others.

Other Cadillac Discussion & Information Sites

Cadillac sells around 200k vehicles a year. Counting all of the online sites together, we reach some very small percentage of the total owners even for vehicles produced within the last 10 years. I think there is still a lot of room for a variety of sites and approaches, and that the important thing is that Cadillac vehicle Owners be able to find the information, discussion, or community that they want.

I have links on the main caddyinfo.com page to a variety of Cadillac forums. Sal at Cadillacowners. com seems like a capital fellow, and I hope his current and new projects go well. I don't know the other site Admins.

Site details?

Caddyinfo has been around in different forms for over 8 years now, which in internet time is like 72 years lol. Along the way I have tried to run the site on a piece of thread and a shoestring whenever possible. We were originally on the beseen board because it was free (they ran ads), my ISP webspace, and a lot of the space for the main site was on angelfire because it was free (they ran ads).

The current main site is hosted by Randy Weaver, who provides ongoing hosting and support (Thanks Randy!), and the forum hosting is purchased from Invision Power Systems, who also author the board software.

Bruce's Cars

I was always a Porsche guy. Then we had our first son, and the car seat would not fit in my Porsche 944, so I got a 4 door sedan -- a Plymouth Acclaim (mistake). I replaced the Plymouth with a Polo Green 1992 STS,

IPB Image

then sold it and an 1989 Fleetwood my Parents passed down, and got a Black 1996 STS

IPB Image.

While I had it, the 1996 STS had the engine rebuilt under extended warranty, then had head gaskets repaired 11 months later because the heads were not Timeserted during the rebuild. The transmission had to be rebuilt, and overall it was not a very reliable car for me, although it was quick, it was fun, and even with the repairs was probably less expensive to maintain than my new car payments are.

I traded the 1996 STS on a 2004 CTS. Then after 20K miles, I traded the 2004 CTS on my current 2005 CTS.

IPB Image


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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