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'91 Seville CCR system


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I actually joined the forum in the hopes of finding out some info an a '91 Seville with the CCR system. My in-laws own the car and had new struts put on the front of the car. The front replacement struts I am assuming are the standard spring & strut assembly not the CCR ones. The mechanic said the system had a leak somewhere and the compressor wouldn't stop running. So he unplugged the compressor or something so it doesn't run at all. Now the back end is sitting way to low. It looks like a low rider coming down the road. Is there struts or shocks on the back? Is there springs or air bags on the back? Is there a way to eliminate the CCR system and put a passive shock/spring out back? The in-laws are on a very tight budget! And they are here for a few days so If I can find out what I should do with the back end I would like to get it done for them while they are here.

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The rear uses shocks with air connections that get air from a small air compressor. The air system is used to maintain constant rear height.

If you replace the rear shocks with regular shocks, Monroe makes one that fits, rear shock part TS 71801 around $89 each. I think this loses the rear air height system, but since that is disabled and they are on a budget, perhaps that is not an issue.

Also see http://www.strutmasters.com/catalog.php?cat=39

You can disable the CCR warning message by using the info here:



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