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Passenger Seatbelt Tangled and Stuck


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They're pretty stout (thank goodness) so brute force won't work. There was a recall or service bulletin or TSB on the '99 passenger seatbelt....which probably caused yours to go haywire in the first place. I'd take it to a dealer to see if they could help you out. Maybe they can work it in under the TSB. It's nothing to mess with since the life of your passenger may someday rely on it working correctly.

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I may be mistaken here, but I thought that certain safety and emissions equipment had by virtue of their service - a longer warranty.

This would not apply to excessive wear, abuse or accidents, but the fundamental performance of the equipment was engineered and validated for "a long time" with little user support.

In any case, I agree that the dealer is the place to go for this.

Good luck :)

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