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SIRIUS Direct to Head Unit

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What model of receiver/car dock do you have for the Sirius?

I have an Audiovox SIR-PNP2 head unit. The corresponding car dock has an FM transmitter along with a pair of RCA output jacks. I believe the RCA's can be routed into the Caddy's amp in the trunk, but I have not bothered verifying the connections or running the cables yet.

When you ask for a digital signal, do you mean these RCA outputs (that are not FM modulated)?

Also, I don't know of a pure digital input (optical fiber) for the Caddy radio (or a Sirius head unit that would output such a signal).

There was some discussion of a MP3 input in newer Caddys, but I don't know of a retrofit option.

Good luck

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I have a 2003 STS with the BOSE system in it (including console CD changer).

I am hoping to add both MP3 and SIRIUS to my car's system. Does anyone know of perhaps a changer that would have both the MP3 (which should be standard now), a SIRIUS module and will interface with the BOSE head unit?

Hopefully some of you knowledgeable people may have an answer for this.


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