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Found 15 results

  1. Hello All, I am having difficulty getting a new boot for my inner tie rod. The dealership only sells the whole rack and does not sell the boot individually. I've even called all local auto car part stores and mechanics, and they don't seem to sell the boot itself or with the new tie rod. Does anyone know a way to fix a torn boot? Or If there is another boot I can order from another car that is Capatible with my STS Cadillac 2009. I noticed the 2009 CTS model sells a Tie Rod Boot - GM (19177439) set. Not sure if that would fit. thanks for the help!
  2. I would like to replace the rear deck subwoofer in my Seville STS. I`ve been checking crutchfield.com and bought a Kenwood head unit to replace with the Bose factory unit. But they don`t list any subwoofers as a fit for this car. Any recommendations ? I`m open to making some modifications to make a fit. Also, anyone have experience with replacing the door speakers with 6 3/4 replacements ? Crutchfield lists some of them as fitting my car. T.
  3. hello, I am new to this site and really need some help. 3 out of 4 brake lights are not working. The corner tail lights work when you turn the headlights on. When I depress the brake the corners do not light up brighter as they should (on my 02 they did). I replaced the bulb on the trunk for the left but it still does not light at all. Only the right trunk light works when you hit the brake. The other corner lights only light when the headlights are on. The center strip brake light is working fine. My mechanic is too busy to help and I need to drive this car every day and night for work and can not afford to take it to just any shop as I must fix this for under $100. Help please. Dan
  4. Hi, new to forum, just got my first used Caddy. I was hoping I could get some assistance with codes and message that are not covered in the owner or Haynes manual. Service Stability System comes up on the dash, and the code I pulled are: C1287 U1016 B1328 What are these codes and what can/should I do to resolve these issues? Thank You
  5. 2005 STS Inoperable Driver Door I purchased a 2005 Cadillac STS just over a year ago and have had a problem with my driver’s side front door not responding to the fob or pulling on the handle. This has occurred intermittently over the past 6 to 8 months. At first, it would only occur during the heat of the day ( I live in Phoenix, Arizona) but now this happens more frequently and any time of the day. When I approach the door I can hear the electronics of the vehicle “kick in” from under the hood. If I press the “open” button on the fob, all of the other 3 doors open but there is no sound from the driver’s door. It is the same if I pull on the handle: all of the other 3 doors open but there is no sound from the driver’s door. I have done plenty of research on the issue and it appears that there are numerous Cadillac STS owners (as well as other models) experiencing this same issue. I first tried replacing the batteries in the fobs but nothing changed. I also tried disconnecting the battery overnight but it still did not correct the issue. To tackle what I read is the most common repair, I purchased a new “Housing Kit” from GMPartsGiant.com (least expensive after reaching extensively) for $80 plus shipping. The part number is 19120306. This is the housing that goes on the inside of the door assembly that has the internal mechanical door latch and the wiring and the micro switches that connects to the door handle. There are a couple of YouTube videos that can help with the removal of the old unit and re-installation. The real tricky part of installing the new “housing is sliding forward and locking the external door handle into the housing. My impatience with installing it the first time caused me to break the actuators so use caution and practice on your existing unit as the videos suggest. It will save you having to get a replacement part and $95. On my second attempt with the new “housing” I replaced it successfully but the front door still performed the same. I then purchased a used door handle assembly from State Auto Salvage in Homestead, Florida. These handle assemblies are hard to come by. The part and shipping totaled $50. I was hoping that the issue could be the antennae in the existing handle have become faulty. I again tore down the door assembly and replaced everything with the used handle assembly I had purchased and still no difference. It was strange though that when I sprayed electronics cleaner on the micro switches and allowed them to dry, the worked for a brief period of time. This happened with both the new housing and the used housings I had installed. I did notice that when I am inside the care and the window button is pressed to close it normally the window raises all of the way to the top automatically. But, when the door handle is working properly, the window button needs to be held to get the window to close completely. I am not sure if this is related to my problem but it sure is strange. I don’t know if it is hocus pocus but I have even tried unhooking the battery cables and holding the positive and negative ends together for 15 minutes to reset all of the modules in the vehicle but still no change. The final option I have is to replace the driver’s door module if that is not functioning correctly. I was hoping there is an experienced technician somewhere who has already been through this process and can give me some advice. Should I focus on the driver’s door module next? Is there anything else I should look at?
  6. Last week I ran into a problem with my right turn signal (2005 STS) not working. Before then, the signal would work intermittently, particularly after replacing front brakes. After replacing the bulb and checking the wires, still no turn signal. I Googled to try to find out what could be the problem and found out that the sockets on the '05 can fail due to thermal damage since the running lights were designed to stay one when headlights are off, which increases the duty cycle. The same problem can also occur with the '06. GM issued a bulletin about the sockets being a problem. When trying to figure it out, my last resort was to inspect the harness that is connected to the turn signal assembly. And sure enough, I discovered the problem. The connection was contaminated with dirt. The reason why the turn signal would act up after replacing the breaks is because I rattled the connection. I almost didn't check the connection because it looked to be tight and I figured chances are it's either a short or the socket. But, common sense prevailed (Actually, Thank You!, Lord Jesus), and at the last moment I decided to check it. Glad I did!
  7. As I promised first patch of my Cadillacs photos: More to come...
  8. Hello all, I'm new here, Been with Bruce in Google+ circle for a while now, but never participated in any chats till today, and finally decided to create a Caddyinfo.com account. about me: Late 20s guy, Network engineer, Just got my master from DePaul University in IS-DBA, enthusiast photographer and all tech guy. always been a car enthusiast, Currently a proud owner of 09 STS4 1SG and 05 SRX4 base, Recently sold my "landboat" a beautiful 03 DeVille black on black with 185,000+ with near mint condition exterior, I do my own repairs almost all the time unless its the transmission then i'm completely useless, anyway, if you have a Google+ circle and want to add me please go ahead, I have created a circle for caddy owners a while back and it's slowly growing, if you want I can share that circle with you too. google.com/+mjkubba MJ
  9. Hi I have a 97 STS i am trying to get it running. I charge the battery and reconnect it to the system, the interior lights, and radio come on. As soon as I turn the ignition switch to the on but not start position, the power drains out of the battery, and the inadvert power relay starts ticking. my code tester cannot read the car because the power is to low,all of this in less than 3 minutes. the battery is less than 1 yr old but was 1/2 dry before i charged it.The battery before this one tested for a dead cell while still under warranty. I dont have a clue what to do.Please help thanks Rich
  10. Does anyone have the shop manual for a 2000 Seville STS showing the front driver door window wiring schematic? My Haynes manual doesn't seem to have the correct models shown. Thanks, Pete
  11. 1. None of my power windows work. I have tried replacing the circuit breaker (57) under the back seat. Still no luck. I don't know if there are any other fuses or breakers that go to the power windows but They do not work. Not even the ones in the back. 2. The glove box does not open. I don't know which way is unlock but weather the key is up and down or side to side, it will not open. I hate to try and force it and end up breaking it. I am primarily focused on no. 1.
  12. I have a starting issue with my STS. At times (when it wants to rather) has starting fits that can last, at maximum to date, 9 minutes. I got the car where the previous owner took a couple of resistors and tied them in line with the wires for the anti theft system or chip in the key. I found a lick cylinder at the wrecking yard with its respective key in it. I installed it in my car, hooked up the wires for the anti theft system and hoped it would start, but to my dimay, it did not. I am worried that if I get one off of ebay that I will have this same problem. Do I have to take the cables off the battery to make the computer recognize the new key? Some one please help me out here. thank you
  13. Trying to get some info before I swap fuel pump, would be very appreciative of any input or advise. Car has 180k on it very well maintained. Was washing car and sprayed down motor with pressure washer. I am a detailer by trade and have washed engines this way a million times. The car started fine after and drove to other side of lot to dry it off, but after i finished drying it off. When I turned ignition on display read service fuel system and would turn over like it was outta gas. I thought it might be fuel pump, since i couldn't hear it priming. I grabbed a rubber mallet to smack the take to see if I could get it to work just to get it home, but as I had the ignition on the display started to say low a/c refrigerant. Since those 2 relays are next to each other made me start to doubt if it was fuel pump and since smacking the tank didn't do frig all. Does anyone think that water could have effected something?
  14. Im the guy who purchase a beautiful 99 black STS in Denver that had a horrible knock due to the previous owner not caring the car. Well, get this. I found a beautiful actually brand new (2,100) miles on a "9" Northstar. Bought the beauty from a the service guy at Don Massey Cadillac, got it for only 1,100.00. It was still in the crate. Had it hauled down to my mechanic a GM mechanic for installation. The engine is a 2001 and asked my friend and service manager at Rickenbaugh Cadillac if 2001 "9" would fit in a 99. He called me back and said it would. Great. I get a call from my mechanic and he informs me that the engine is good and all, but its for a 2001 DTS and he cannot put it in. He said it matches exactly except an area behind the oil pan. The old engine is out, the new isnt installed and I suppose I'll have to sell the 2,100 mile engine and TRY and find a northstar that will fit. ARGH! Does anyone have an idea that would help me with my problem?? Signed, Yikes.
  15. Hej. Jag undrar lite vad en Cadillac STS 93a med northstar motorn bör dra i genomsnitt. Min ligger på 1.2 l/mil i genomsnitt med blandad körning. Vill veta om det är normalt. Just nu ligger den på 1,4 l/mil men då e de korta sträckor i stadsmiljö.
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