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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, 96 Cadillac Northstar 4.6L Symptoms high idle and constant revv So I pulled the Intake manifold and coolant started to leak out of the bolt hole(Closest to plug 8) under the intake. Picture included, the leak will stop with the bolt hand tight with the intake off. No Codes. I am wondering is this a head gasket or something else? Would sealant be a bad idea? PS Picture I grabbed from the internet. My car is not this dirty
  2. Having a bear of a time locating a transaxle fluid leak. 94 Sedan Deville 9.4. 148,000. So far I have found 2 not really tight hoses to the Hayden cooler by the grill and 4 transaxle pan bolts loose enough to be turned by hand. Why I think I havent found the leak, is because the oil pan had fresh fluid on it. The radiator is only a few years old. I didn't replace it, Dad had an indy mechanic do it. I really don't see any leak points even though my brother who has been a mechanic (not caddy specific) for the last 40 years says there should be a huge puddle somewhere. In the begining I was adding 1 quart (yes quart) every other day. No puddle in the garage, at work, or at the diner. Not so much as a drop. I have also found what looks like a wet lower radiator hose. The tranny fluid line above that is dry as is the point that it enters the radiator. If anyone can sugest any places that may be common leakers please let me know.
  3. Hello, I bought a 1997 Cadillac Catera in May of this year. When I bought the car I had it serviced and all seemed well. Later I began to notice a burning smell coming from the car and smoke coming from under the hood. Took to a mechanic to have it diagnosed and he said it needed new valve cover gaskets to start with. Replaced those and cleaned the engine well. (When I changed the gaskets, the spark plug resevoirs were full of oil) Cleaned them out, put new plugs in, new gaskets, and all seemed well up until recently. It is smoking from the drivers side of the engine and the bottom left front of the engine is drenched in oil which I suspect could be either motor oil or power steering fluid. I plan on taking it to a mechanic, but I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this before and what could be some possible leak locations? Thanks and all comments and replies are welcome!
  4. This question is about a 1997 Cadillac DeVille with the 275 Hp version of the Northstar engine. As part of my regular inspection routine, I checked the coolant a few days ago, and it looked somewhat strange. Today, with a 200-mile trip since I first noticed the strange look of the coolant, i checked it again, and it looks like there is oil in the coolant. Not very much, but just a few drops visible in the surge tank, and a some traces of it on the plastic tab/ridge that sits right under the surge tank cap. - The coolant level has not changed, and the engine oil looks normal (light brown and clear). - The transmission fluid was clear and red. - All fluids smelled like they usually do. - The coolant system pressurizes like normal, and holds pressure like normal. - I check these things every now and then, so I have a pretty good idea of the normal state of things. Checking my radiator, I found that: - On the passenger's side, there are two unused connections in the side tank. - On the driver's side, there are two connections in the side tank that have narrow steel tubes going out of them. I could not see where they went from there. - In front of the radiator (and AC radiator) there was a small steel radiator comprising a steel tube that was bent twice (so as to form three parallel lines) and cooling fins (also steel) that were attached to the three parallel lines of steel tubing. I have not found any information on what this is, and I could not see where the lines went. In the 1997 FSM, I found the following conflicting information: Page 6-193, under Radiator Replacement: 8. Disconnect the engine oil cooler lines from the right radiator end tank. 9. Disconnect the transmission oil cooler lines from the left radiator end tank. Page 6-197, under Radiator Assembly: "... The right side end tank houses the transmission oil cooler. The let side end tank houses the engine oil cooler. ..." This was accompanied by a numbered illustration, which denoted the end tank cooler on the side with the drain plug, which is the driver's side, as the engine oil cooler, and the end tank cooler on the other side (passenger's side) as the transmission oil cooler (consistent with the text on the same page, but in conflict with the text on page 193). Some additional information: - I change my coolant with two-year intervals, with the last change almost two years ago (I plan on changing it by the end of summer). I always use DexCool plus deionized water and add two GM sealant tabs after draining the system (since I only drain and refill without flushing, some of the old coolant stays, hence only two pellets and the biannual change interval). - The engine operating temperature during my last 300 miles of driving (as well as the 80000 miles that I have driven before that) was normal (about 196 F when cruising, rising a bit when going from highway to city driving and falling a few degrees during WOT (I guess as a result of the increased coolant flow at the higher RPM)). - It is currently warm were I live, about 80 F, so the AC is running, but I have always seen the same engine temperature behavior whether it is 80 or -10 F outside. Always about 196 F when cruising, going up a bit when going from highway to city and going down a few degrees after WOT (has been the same for the nine years I have had the car). Some questions: - Do I have a transmission or engine oil cooler in my driver's side radiator end tank? - What is the small and simple cooler that sits in front of my radiator? - What could be possible causes for the oil in the coolant? - Is there a possibility that there is also coolant in the oil, but since coolant is heavier than oil, it sits at the bottom of the oil pan without causing any visible signs on the dipstick or under the oil filling cap? I guess that the oil pick up does not sit right at the very bottom of the pan, but slightly above it. I am asking this because if oil is pushed into the coolant system when the engine is on, coolant might be pushed in the other direction when the engine is switched off, since the cooling system remains pressurized for a while, while the oiling system looses pressure immediately when the engine is not running. Thanks in advance, Jonas
  5. Hello folks, I have a 95 Deville 4.9L that has sprung a nasty coolant leak. It pours out from beneath the engine near the crankshaft. The radiator will empty out in about 2 minutes. Any thoughts on what could break in that area? I had recently bypassed the A/C compressor with a shorter belt... maybe caused increased pressure and ruptured a hose or pipe? Thanks for any input!
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