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Found 9 results

  1. I will be instaling 12.75" front disc brakes and 11.75" rear disc brakes on my 2002 Eldorado using OEM parts swapped in from other GM cars. This big brake upgrade is being done on a very tight budget so I will be using as many parts as possible from a local salvage yard. I will edit the follwing statement when I find out for sure the year of the factory upgrade: When the 1992 Eldorado and Seville first appeared, they had smaller disc brakes than the later models. I belive the front and rear discs were 10.75" or 10.9"... sometime around 1997, there was a factory upgrade and the rear brakes were 11.0" for FE1 cars slightly larger for FE3 cars (i think it was 11.4") and they were given 11.75" front discs. However, the lighter C4 Corvette had 12" front and rear brakes on the base model and 12.9" front brakes on the Z51 cars. I can put those Vette brakes on the car, but it would require more modifications. The 11.75" rear/12/75" front is an easy bolt-on swap. My journey begins in the salvage yard; to be continued.....
  2. Have an issue that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I was replacing the studs and when pulling the brake calliber, the pads fell out. So, I don't know how they go back on. One has a clip, while the other does not. What I need to know then is if the one with the clip goes on the inside or the outside. Help!
  3. I thought I had JE5 brake discs but after putting on one of the Duralast disc I bought from AutoZone, I was concerned that I bought the wrong size. The Duralast was obviously bigger than what was on the car. I'm thinking, it looks like the caliper bracket may not fit. So, I put the disc on--and thought--WOW! That is one pretty big disc! But, what do you know, the bracket fit with about 1/16 to 1/8-inch to spare. Apparently, the discs that were on were not the right ones, which explains why my brakes are gouged/grooved on the inside. The rotors I replaced didn't have enough surface area to accommodate the larger JE5 brakes. I suspected something wasn't right and now the new discs confirm that I was driving around with undersized discs. What else, since the Duralast discs are for JE5 brakes, have more surface area, and fit. My guess--and most logical answer--is that the original factory discs were replaced before I bought the car with the wrong ones. Now I have to replace the brakes a soon as possible, so I don't damage the discs. I also have Duralast on the rear. So far, so good. They are holding up well after at least 6 months.
  4. Hi all. My 96 Deville has no brakes for the third time during my ownership. All I can say is Welcome to NY. As hard as I try my Deville is rusting. Anyway The information I am looking for is, Does anyone know or have a diagram explaining which line goes where off the abs unit. and does anyone have any info of exactly what extra parts are inline throughout the car? I have already replaced the lines from the master to the abs unit, and the front brake hoses. Everything else looks horrible, and I lost all braking again the other day at a very unfortunate time. This time it emptied just forward of the driver door. Thanks all for any help in advance, this year has been horrible already and this is just being a topper to it all. hard to believe we are only halfway through january and things could be so poor.
  5. Here's a good one for you! I have a 1992 Seville and lately I have had an issue with my dashlights not coming on. They are auto-lights so they should come on when the headlights come on but thats not the case. More often then not when I start my car (in the dark) The miliage, fuel, and radio lights are the only ones that come on and will dim super dark before being bright. The dash light will come on whenever it feels like it if at all sometimes a few seconds, others a few minutes, and some times not at all. Here's the weird thing... when the dash lights fail to come on, only 1/3 of my brake light bar works. When the dash light do come on the brake bar is fully lit! I have seached for any and all relays that might have to do with this and was either unsucessful in locating or the ones I did replace were not the fix. Has anyone dealt with this before or have any ideas???
  6. I installed EBC Green Stuff brake pads on front and rear and must say they are better than OEM. So far, bite is excellent and I'm using less effort to stop. I just put them on today, so I'll wait another week before I give an update. If they continue to be as good as they are now I don't see any reason to buy anything else. The big test as far as I'm concerned is whether they produce less dust, which is one of the selling points.
  7. Hi. I have a 2001 Seville SLS. It seems to be the front drivers side wheel area is making noise while driving. At slow speeds (under 35) a consistent squeaking noise is present. It is relative with speed (almost harmonic) and very annoying. Braking does nothing. The other noise is from the same area and sounds sort of like the brake wear indicator is always touching the rotor (however it is not). It gets louder and quieter, and sometimes disappears for a few seconds while driving. It isn't speed related and doesn't go away with brakes being applied. I'm confused.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm new to the cadillac scene so I've come here for help. I have a 2001 Seville SLS. Every time I start my car, the chimes come on and tell me to change my brake pads (which I've already done) and service stability system. The ABS and Traction Control lights are also always lit up. I pulled codes c1234 and c1246. How do I get rid of this. Is it an easy procedure?
  9. I recently redid all my brakes. I replaced all 4 rotors, all the pads. It wasn't too difficult and I want to say that I did everything correctly. But! I took the care for a test drive and everytime I let off the accelerator the car would decelerate significantly. I did a few hard stops. Might have helped a little, not sure. I put the parking brake on and off a few times. I think that made it a bit better as the car would coast a ways without slowing down as much. I drove it around a bit longer and then parked it at home, and my neighbor in the driveway getting her mail could smell/ feel the heat coming from my car as i drove in. So I got out and sure enough both back wheels were super hot. The fronts were practically ice cold. Please help! What could be my problem? Calipers? Parking Brake? I would like to have some experienced input before I proceed. Thanks