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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. I am on a road trip with my 1997 Seville and am having an issue with the back end. It looks like it is sitting too low. At least 2 inches or so. I have a bit of weight in the back and have riders. It is not bottoming out on the road but stones hit the front of the mufflers. The compressor is working as I can hear it run and watch the suspension rise but when I shut the car off it looks low Also when I am driving although it rides wonderful it feels a little too bouncy in the rear. Seems it cannot keep up with the load it is supplied. I see no codes or messages from the RSS. All is original. I have plans to replace the compressor and possibly the air shocks but all seems to have been working properly til this road trip. I dont remember if the RSS system has a leveling valve on both sides but I am not equipped to get under the car to have a look around. Anything that I might be able to easily check or do to get the back end higher? Thanks all. Happy Holidays
  2. The electronic level control (ELC) compressor of my 1995 Fleetwood finally quit. Because the rear struts were leaking anyway, I want to get rid of them and install regular shocks. The rear sags as it is shown in the photo. The edge of the skirt should be some 1.5" - 2" higher. Rockauto has listed gas-charged ones for my car. Question - will the replacement bring the rear to proper level if I keep the original springs? Thank you.
  3. Hello Caddy Enthusiats!!!! I would like to keep things short and simple. My question today is what part(s) should be replaced based on the DTC codes that are pulled from my car? I have a 95 DeVille Concours. The codes are as follows: P035 P036 P039 P040 S010 S011 S012 S015 S016 S017 S021 S022 S025 S027 S030 S031 S035 S037 S044 S051 S060 S061 Any input would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank everybody in advance for their suggestions. Thanx!!!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm rolling my introduction into that of this project: "Soldiers Shield" I'm a former Army Infanrtyman, living in Ohio while pursuing my Bachelor's in Electronic and Computer Engineering. This project however, is not a vanity title. This 1998 DeVille belonged to my youngest brother (I am the oldest of four), we found it in many parts in his garage after we lost him in the Helmund district. It has been flooded three times, shot, and deer wrecked, but I have plans for it. I have been working on a Micro-ATX Intel I5 install with touch in the armrest and in the void of the radio. I have begun experiments with interfacing the 1870 bus to the PC for replacement of the missing IRC module. Eventually, this will provide long term, time tagged error reporting and some runtime adjustments. Plus, having 5.1 surround in my car is nice- provided through 5 channel 2500 watt(surrounds) and 600 watt(subs) amplifiers. Eventually, I would like to look at electrochromatic tinting and supercharging... But for now, I suppose I have to focus on the pesky "keep it running" issue. I am a decently intelligent person, however, the N* is a ball of impracticality rolled through a pile of convolution crapped out by some whacked out engineers. After dealing with the disassembly of my intake to change my started solenoid, tracing my malfunctioning wipers to corrosion in the trunk, and a whole host of issues to a surprisingly not a fire in my passenger vanity that failed to blow a fuse somehow... I can only come to the conclusion that those GM engineers were high one day, and said, "you know what would be funny? Let's put an engine in sideways and watch the techs react!"... But it is one tough SOB. I'll post here as issues are tackled and would appreciate any shortcuts over self-discovery. For example- this week's research: What input, beside Engine coolant Temp sensor does the PCM use to trigger the coolant fans?! I am sick of running the air conditioner (which assumes the fan motors, relays and wiring are all good). Thanks in advance! J. Campbell
  5. Hello cadillac forums, I'm a first time owner looking for some start off advice. I bought a well maintained 95 caddy concours with 133800 miles about a month ago. Everything works except heated seats. I ran diagnostic codes and took it to a mechanic the same week. He told me everything looked in order but recommended a new FPR and new rear shocks and compressor. I'm not sure of his pedigree with northstars but there's no signs that he specializes with them. That being said, my question to the cadillac experts is what all should I have checked, cleaned, replaced, changed, etc., other than what DTC codes tell me, in order to have car running top of the line, avoid the TRAGIC head gasket failure and/or other internal engine problems, and keep it on the road for many more miles. I really like the car, it's my 1st bought car, and I want it to run efficiently as long as possible. Thanx Here's a list of codes and such: -Lights on: service engine soon, brake, ABS -DTC Codes: P039 P097 I027 T031 T037 S010 S011 S012 S017 S020 S022 S027 S032 S035 S060 S061 Thanx again. Swift response would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  6. Hello all. My 96 Deville throws the RS0038 code. for the rear ELC. I cannot find the description for the code at this time but I know it has something to do with the compressor. I have run into this cde many times before on other Cadillacs and usually the ELC fuse in the trunk pops and the compressor does not operate. But this one is not happening like that. here is what I have for info. Car rides fine No other codes present Have never gotten a service ride control message Air compressor works fine and exhausts fine rear suspension does not change when vehicle sits for extended period of time. Not quite sure why this code is occuring as suspension seems to be working properly. Only one time I had about 700 lbs in back seat and rear suspension rode low. definately lower than normal. I use the spokes of my rims as reference of ride height. Normal ride height I can see the holes in the spokes at the top of the rims at the wheelwell. Which is all the time. On the ride where it rode low the rear end all you could see was half of the center cap. Yes thats very low. but still rode great. and got decent mileage. I would appreciate any insight on this topic. I plan to purchase a spare compressor to rebuild and install someday. But at this time I am not too worried about the problem. the code has been coming up for awhile and the only reason why I know its there is because I run the codes once in awhile and it is the only code. Whatever is causing this code only seems to be affected by heavy load in the rear end. other than that it rides perfectly normal. thanks all
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