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Found 17 results

  1. I recently replaced all four shocks/struts with new ones from Arnott. The message "Service Ride Control" still comes up every time I start my car and I know the reason could be non-working solenoids, sensors etc. But as I replaced the shocks and the old suspension system is no longer operational, I like to get rid of that annoying message. I searched the whole net for an answer. Could anyone help me? How can I bypass and permanently delete "Service Ride Control" on a Cadillac Seville STS 1994? Thanks a lot in advance! Best regards. Fred from Sweden
  2. The rear suspension setup is very important for a FWD Autocross car. The stiffer the better almost to the point where it starts to make the car over steer. However, I need to find the balance between good handling and streetability because I drive this car 50 miles per day. I want a sports car ride, not a log truck ride. Here's a look at the stock suspension. However, there are a few things about this donor car that make it a rare a desirable find. To be continued.......
  3. Hello. I am stumped but for some reason my 1997 Cadillac Seville has started to produce a lot of smoke out of the exhaust when revving the engine or on starting him. It's been quite hot out so it's not just steam, the smoke alters in smell between acrid to sweet, and seems to reduce the longer you drive or the lower you idle. I am at a loss. A week ago I filled it to the brim with anti-freeze and filled up the oil to the max mark. It's not pitching any other symptoms other than the copious smoke (I don't think it's a head gasket). If anybody has any ideas I would love to hear them. I'm stumped and my dad is stumped and my car is still smoking like a freight train out the exhaust. Please help.
  4. I want to thank everyone on this forum for the many responses I have received in ONE day regarding my car search. Specifically, I am considering a 1985 Seville (serial numbers over 3000) as a daily driver (perhaps a commute once a week) and otherwise a weekend cruiser and garage beauty. My concern is the HT 4100 and the fact that the Carfax indicates less than 200-300 miles on the car per year. It's a low miler - 50K- and has the original engine. I've learned about using 15w oil, or maybe 20w, or some say only 10w - and most seem to think the coolant tabs aren't needed. I didn't see them at my local auto parts store, so maybe it's okay not to need them. I like the Seville style. My concern is not only the proper maintenance for this engine but also the fact it has been driven so lightly over the 31 years that if I begin a commute 90 miles highway round trip one morning the gaskets, as old as they are and everything else, might leak. The radiator and thermostat were replaced on this car in 2014. Makes me wonder if overheating occurred, and that's a concern, too. I'm still considering the car. And I'm checking the huge 77 Eldorado too. But I'm not as excited about it as I am a Seville. ? Thank you for being very helpful to me. I appreciate all of you - and this forum - very much! caddyfan16
  5. Hi guys, i picked up an '02 Seville really cheap the other day from a guy at work because the trans went out on his way in. Basically the trans is inop, will not engage drive or reverse. After doing some minor diagnosing i found that there are no codes present, and tech 2 does see the gear command change from park/neutral to drive or reverse. The fluid level was low so i added 3 quarts and that brought it up to the right spot on the dipstick, although after doing a little more research i see they are dry sump... i have yet to look at the fluid while engine is not running. I guessing the trans fluid pump went out or shaft broke, and when i check the fluid without the car running it will be at the same spot. I've tried searching the forum and it doesn't look like anyone had posted about this issue yet. Any expert knowledge out there?
  6. I had an new instrument cluster installed in my 97 Seville and now the dash vents don't function for air flow.
  7. I would like to replace the rear deck subwoofer in my Seville STS. I`ve been checking crutchfield.com and bought a Kenwood head unit to replace with the Bose factory unit. But they don`t list any subwoofers as a fit for this car. Any recommendations ? I`m open to making some modifications to make a fit. Also, anyone have experience with replacing the door speakers with 6 3/4 replacements ? Crutchfield lists some of them as fitting my car. T.
  8. Hello, need your advice again. At last, my caddy can moving again!! 1. When It's turning on, gearshift to 'Drive' and 'Rear' is very smooth and my Caddy runs powerfully. 2. But not more than a mile run, there are noisey impact when gearshift to 'R' and 'D' 3. Surely there is 'check engine soon' sign. 4. After parking overnight, above '1' and '2' happen again. 5. Trans oil level is sufficiant and oil color is clear. What should I do?
  9. 2002 Seville SLS with 220,000 miles. Good starting and idlling, but I try to accelate it, it never goes over 2,000 rpm. And not more than 20 seconds it drops down to 500 rpm automatically or stops with trembling. My struggles for..... 1. replace fuel pump and fuel filter. 2. replace secondary air injection hose assembly (none when I buy my car) 3. cleaning and checking eletronic EGR valve, and it works smoothly. 4. checking and cleaning Mass Air Flow sensor. It is clean. 5. cleaning air intake cabulator with cleaning spray and soft cloth. There was a lot of carbon. 6. There was 'check engine soon' sign, so checking my Caddy's Info Center. there is P0403 code only. 7. After I deleted all codes in Info Cenetr, 'Check engine' sign has gone. 8. No bubbling in coolant reservoir. Excess high temperature in cooling system I guess. But Temp. guage is in normal. 9. Still I can hear the noisy sound and some smoke in bumper area of driver side when I accelate. (I am doubt of abnormal secondary air injection pump.) 10. Anyway......2,000 rpm limitation exists. What should I do next?
  10. hello, I am new to this site and really need some help. 3 out of 4 brake lights are not working. The corner tail lights work when you turn the headlights on. When I depress the brake the corners do not light up brighter as they should (on my 02 they did). I replaced the bulb on the trunk for the left but it still does not light at all. Only the right trunk light works when you hit the brake. The other corner lights only light when the headlights are on. The center strip brake light is working fine. My mechanic is too busy to help and I need to drive this car every day and night for work and can not afford to take it to just any shop as I must fix this for under $100. Help please. Dan
  11. Hi, new to forum, just got my first used Caddy. I was hoping I could get some assistance with codes and message that are not covered in the owner or Haynes manual. Service Stability System comes up on the dash, and the code I pulled are: C1287 U1016 B1328 What are these codes and what can/should I do to resolve these issues? Thank You
  12. Hey guys, I am having a hell of a time figuring this one out here, hopefully someone can help. I have a 1992 Seville w/ 137k miles on the all stock 4.9 All of a sudden I noticed it was running rough and sputtering alittle between 1500 rpm and 2500 rpm. it runs perfect under or over mentioned rpm. I did the basics including Fuel filter, Air Filter, PCV, and coil and no results... My next thought was cap and rotor possibly??? Has anyone out there had this issue or heard of this issue in the past? Thanks Guys!
  13. Here's a good one for you! I have a 1992 Seville and lately I have had an issue with my dashlights not coming on. They are auto-lights so they should come on when the headlights come on but thats not the case. More often then not when I start my car (in the dark) The miliage, fuel, and radio lights are the only ones that come on and will dim super dark before being bright. The dash light will come on whenever it feels like it if at all sometimes a few seconds, others a few minutes, and some times not at all. Here's the weird thing... when the dash lights fail to come on, only 1/3 of my brake light bar works. When the dash light do come on the brake bar is fully lit! I have seached for any and all relays that might have to do with this and was either unsucessful in locating or the ones I did replace were not the fix. Has anyone dealt with this before or have any ideas???
  14. Does anyone have the shop manual for a 2000 Seville STS showing the front driver door window wiring schematic? My Haynes manual doesn't seem to have the correct models shown. Thanks, Pete
  15. 1. None of my power windows work. I have tried replacing the circuit breaker (57) under the back seat. Still no luck. I don't know if there are any other fuses or breakers that go to the power windows but They do not work. Not even the ones in the back. 2. The glove box does not open. I don't know which way is unlock but weather the key is up and down or side to side, it will not open. I hate to try and force it and end up breaking it. I am primarily focused on no. 1.
  16. Hi. I have a 2001 Seville SLS. It seems to be the front drivers side wheel area is making noise while driving. At slow speeds (under 35) a consistent squeaking noise is present. It is relative with speed (almost harmonic) and very annoying. Braking does nothing. The other noise is from the same area and sounds sort of like the brake wear indicator is always touching the rotor (however it is not). It gets louder and quieter, and sometimes disappears for a few seconds while driving. It isn't speed related and doesn't go away with brakes being applied. I'm confused.
  17. My 1998 Seville STS has developed a problem with the A/C. With the A/C switch on and the driver and passenger temp settings at 60 degrees, I am getting cold A/C out of the passenger side vents and heat out of the driver side vents. I have tried disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes to reset the computer but that did not help. Has anyone seen this before? Can you direct me to where I should start looking for the problem? Thank You.
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