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Found 6 results

  1. Hello friends Cadillac Enthusiast I have a 99 Eldorado that has 49,000 miles I have the thing sitting for about five years due to the fact that was stolen and I went and rebuilt the front clip rebuild the body etc etc with a Northstar being sitting as long as it has I noticed when I started it up and drove it a little while a few years back that the water pump went out and it started to get a little hot so I got that replaced right away well anyway but the car is ran really great after an oil change and mice chew through the fuel injector wires on a couple of cylinders but beyond that everyt
  2. Hey guys I have an 04 srx v8 northstar. I just purchased it with a known misfire #7. I through a set of filters and ngk plugs and coils at it and now I only have a soft skip at idle. It gives me cylI Der number 8. I changed the plug coil and injector to different cylinder and no change. Also did compression and that was good. I have 15inhg vac at idle and needle jumps a little with the skip. If I unplug number 8 it gets much worse of skip. Fuel pressure running is 60. I left gauge on for the day taped to windshield and one trip into store it had dropped down to 15 psi in 30min. But only that o
  3. Hi all. My 96 Deville is trying to tell me something. Only on cold startup it pops and misses. The spell only lasts for a minute tops the colder it is outside the longer it lasts. Today I noticed it more because it was 0*f. It smelled like raw fuel coming from the exhaust and it actually sounded like popping from the exhaust. Once the spell is done it runs great. I drove it all over today and have no issues. Any ideas? I was wondering if maybe it is the FPR
  4. Hi all. My 2001 eldorado is acting up. I was accelerating to highway speed and out of nowhere it just popped and started misfiring a bit. I carefully drove it the rest of the way home. It misfired all the way. SES light flashing. I also hear a gurgling noise when I shut the engine off, Not alot but enough to notice. Other than what has happened today it has been running normal. Gauges normal. Has been using more gas than usual though over the past few months. about 16 mpg. Before it was getting 22 mpg. Travel has not changed, I assumed it was because of the winter months. I wish it decide
  5. Hi all. I dont want to think about it but my Deville has developed a stumble. Or miss. I will elaborate. It will only do it on cold startup. about 6 months ago I thought I felt a miss on startup. was gone in seconds. About 3 months ago same thing Last week started to feel it almost daily. When the car sat for 3 days it stumbled for 1.5 blocks. I got right on it and it definately stumbled. The stumble only lasts a very short time. No codes. no other problems at all. I would like to not think about it but the dreaded HG beginning stages comes to mind. I really hope not as this car is my ma
  6. Hi, All -- my first post. I have a 1996 Deville -- 96,000 miles -- showroom. Love it to pieces. Recently, it starting missing -- once in a while on idle, always when accelerating. Nice jerking motion accompanied by flashing SES. I gather I could replace the coil packs, wires, dist cap, rotor, sparks, fuel filter, etc . . . spend maybe $750 looking for the "easy" fixes. If these don't work, will I have to junk my baby??? From your collective experiences, how often is this actual engine trouble requiring repairing / rebuilding engine and the associated $3,000 price tag? I don't want to lose my
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