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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 1991 Seville I recently purchased, very clean exterior, interior not to bad, 148k miles. Sadly last oild change (Last recored Oil change) was almost 10k miles ago, the air filter had holes an ripped portions an was plain filthy. Following codes where present: E046 E052 E098 E123 an or E125 (Sounds silly but cleared codes before recording last code properly) Oops If anyone has some input please leave a reply or comment!
  2. Hello Caddy Enthusiats!!!! I would like to keep things short and simple. My question today is what part(s) should be replaced based on the DTC codes that are pulled from my car? I have a 95 DeVille Concours. The codes are as follows: P035 P036 P039 P040 S010 S011 S012 S015 S016 S017 S021 S022 S025 S027 S030 S031 S035 S037 S044 S051 S060 S061 Any input would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank everybody in advance for their suggestions. Thanx!!!
  3. There is no way to recover OBD codes once you have cleared them, other than to wait for the car's modules to detect the same error again. That's not a bad thing because the car is pretty quick to flag a problem when it occurs. You didn't say what the problem is that caused you to run the codes, if any, but the next time it happens, any relevant codes will be there again. The next time you drive the car, then, after you park but before you turn off the key, run the codes again. That way, any codes that were thrown during the drive will be flagged as CURRENT, and anything that was detected as a problem but then checked OK will be flagged as HISTORY. Once you turn off the key, all the codes go to HISTORY.
  4. Hello cadillac forums, I'm a first time owner looking for some start off advice. I bought a well maintained 95 caddy concours with 133800 miles about a month ago. Everything works except heated seats. I ran diagnostic codes and took it to a mechanic the same week. He told me everything looked in order but recommended a new FPR and new rear shocks and compressor. I'm not sure of his pedigree with northstars but there's no signs that he specializes with them. That being said, my question to the cadillac experts is what all should I have checked, cleaned, replaced, changed, etc., other than what DTC codes tell me, in order to have car running top of the line, avoid the TRAGIC head gasket failure and/or other internal engine problems, and keep it on the road for many more miles. I really like the car, it's my 1st bought car, and I want it to run efficiently as long as possible. Thanx Here's a list of codes and such: -Lights on: service engine soon, brake, ABS -DTC Codes: P039 P097 I027 T031 T037 S010 S011 S012 S017 S020 S022 S027 S032 S035 S060 S061 Thanx again. Swift response would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  5. Hello, Cadillac owners and enthusiasts! I am in the process of doing a head gasket job and fixing up a 2000 DHS with 120k miles and a sunroof!. My ultimate goal is to repair it to like-new condition and sell it so someone can enjoy it instead of it heading for a scrap yard. Anyway, I have already done one head gasket job that proved to be fairly difficult because I was winging it. Now that I have the Time-Sert kit and the know-how, it's going a lot smoother. But, I was hoping I could get any constructive criticism, suggestions, or advice possible. Are Fel-Pro head gaskets of bad quality? I used Victor Reinz last time because I heard rumors of Fel-Pro being crappy. Just curious, Fel-Pro is a little cheaper. Ok, my next question is: Where do I find the heat camera for the front of the grill for the HUD? The previous owner had a minor fender-bender and replaced the whole dog house...the HUD no longer works because the camera is gone, is what I was told. Also, the whole doghouse is a darker colored red than the body. I think the body is Medium Red, although I don't know because I don't know where to find the paint code and how to look it up. I will have to figure that out and sand it down and spray at least the doghouse if not the whole car. Nobody wants multi colored vehicles. But it would be really cool if I could restore the HUD in the process. Ok...Now I have a list of DTC's and what I've done to repair them so far: B0159 - Outside Air Temperature Circuit Range/Performance -- The little sensor that is fastened to the hood-latch assembly was missing. I acquired a new one and I assume this was the reason it threw this code. B0189 - Solar Load Sensor #2 Circuit Range (sunload) -- I know this has something to do with the head lights. Maybe it's the dome-shaped sensor on the dash that's bad?? B0429 - Temperature Control #3 Rear Circuit Range/Performance -- From what I understand, this has something to do with the rear vent system and it not being exact...I'm not for sure, but I probably wont mess with this for another week 'til I get it all back together and find out if it isn't hot or isn't cold. B04626 - Ambient Light Sensor Circuit -- I have no idea what this one's about. C0660 - Level Control Exhaust Valve Malfunction (had Service Stability System light also) -- I replaced the air compressor with another one out of another DeVille with 90k and no stability system light. Hopefully this fixed this. B0026 - Left Front/Driver Frontal Deployment Loop (Single Stage or Stage 1) Open (also air bag light) -- Maybe just a loose connection? I've heard that there's a few wires in the steering column that can somehow get all funked up, too. B2860 - Telescope Position Sensor Range -- It has an electric tilt wheel. It over-slides and makes a clanking sound at the end of its rope but it does work. Have no idea how to fix this. I've looked around here and on the other big Cadillac forum a lot but never posted, so I decided I'd give it a go. A lot of these things I can figure out, I just wanted to get any helpful advice or suggestions that I could in my adventures. I'd post pictures but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Thanks, JD
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